Hair Extensions & Hair Loss Solutions

At Monroe's we offer an range of hair extensions to not only suit your natural hair but to also suit your budget. Our methods include the individual Itips injection tapes, seamless tapes, maxitips and the Easilocks hair loss solution. Our hair extensions are all ethically sourced. We use three different brands to suit your budget and still offering top quality hair. We use Indian, Russian and Mongolian hair. All brands are Reni hair and double drawn. Depending on which hair you have, it can last from 4 to 12 months with correct aftercare .

Hair extensions doesn't always mean princess long Rapunzel hair. We can add volume to your hair without overloading your hair with heavy hair extensions. You will still be able to look after, maintain and style them easily.

I Tip Method

The I tip method is a hair extension system that requires no heat, no glue, or sewing, and therefore causes no stressful damage to your natural locks. This is the only hair extension system available that is carefully designed to preserve the integrity of your hair and stops you worrying about the long-term effects. Our hair extensions blend incredibly well with natural hair so they are generally undetectable and look and feel as natural as your own locks. The hair is completely reusable, during each refit service we re tip the hair. As each service is tailored to your needs, prices are given during your free consultation.

Maxi Tips

Maxi Tips are a revolutionary method that has combined 2 different methods into 1 creating the ultimate hair extensions method.  It combines the i tip attachment technique & the tape methods style of lying flat in the natural hair. Like the I tip method this application involves no heat, no glue & no sewing to your natural hair. The attachments for the Maxi tips are even more discreet than the popular I tip method. The hair is completely reusable for your refit service. 

Tape Method

We have 2 different types of tape method to suit your hair. We use the flexi tape, which is discreet, comfortable and gives you a more fuller look than the I tip method. And we also have the Professional micro tab method. These blend seamlessly with your own hair so you can enjoy a new look with confidence, offering instant volume & your desired length. This method is perfect for adding volume to shorter hair styles, if you struggle with fine, flat, lifeless hair. Tape's are completely reusable, during each refit service a fresh piece of tape will replace your old one.

Refit Service

You will receive a first class refit service here at Monroe's . We remove the hair extensions , wash your natural hair, dry and cut it. A colour refresh service service may also be done if you wish.  We thoroughly asses your hair and scalp to ensure you are OK to wear the hair extensions again. If we think you are ready for a break we will tell you and advise a flip in hair piece instead until you are ready for your extension service again. Hair extensions are safe to wear for long periods of time as long as you follow all of our guidelines. 

When you follow all of our guidelines you will notice at all your refit services, your natural hair should start to have improved growth. 

Hairloss Solutions

Hair replacement systems are perfect for thinning hair, hair loss and to cover extreme hair breakage. It is suitable for those with hair loss recovering from medical conditions.It can cover the areas around the parting, around the hairline, hair loss or breakage spots. The system can also be used to add volume where hair extensions can't! It is also perfect for hair that is too fine or too short for hair extensions. This hair loss solution does not compromise the condition of your hair whilst wearing. You can 'try before you commit' to our hair loss solution. If you are not ready to commit to fittings of the pieces we have. You can purchase one of our clip in pieces to try yourself at home. We have various shades, lengths and sizes available for you to purchase and take home. Giving you the time to get to know the piece in the comfort of your bathroom mirror, before committing to having it fitted more permanently.


To be given an accurate quote, you will need to book for a no obligation consultation. We can assist you further to which method & brand will suit your needs. All Consultation's take 45 minutes. You will sit with one of our experts and be guided through your hair extension/hair loss journey. To book in for your consultation use our online booking system: